Money is a powerful tool for helping myself and others.

Gary Gardner |

I accept the idea that money is highly useful. There are many obstacles in life that can be easily resolved with money. Although money often comes with issues of its own, having money makes life easier in many ways.


While many people choose to downplay the importance of wealth, I choose to be realistic and acknowledge the many benefits of money.


I accept all the money that flows into my life. I am open to receiving the highest levels of abundance. I welcome financial wealth.


I am comfortable with wealth. I am at ease with the idea of being a wealthy person.  Having a lot of money just feels right to me.


Some people have a negative opinion of wealth. I am the exact opposite. I know that the more money I have, the better able I am to care for myself and others.


I care about people, and having money allows me to be more generous and thoughtful. When I have more money than I need, others benefit, too.


Today, I am opening myself up to all the wealth the world has to offer. I remind myself that I become a more helpful person when I have more money than I need. I am using money as a tool to better my life and the lives of others.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Do I have any negative feelings when I think about being rich? If so, why?
  2. What could I do for myself if I had more money? What would I do for others?
  3. How would my life be enhanced if I were wealthy? Am I comfortable with the idea of being wealthy?