Navigating the river of life is much easier when you have carefully planned your route and identified the requirements necessary for success. Life&Wealth® Advisors created the Life Event Assessment Process™ (LEAP™) to discover those requirements and systematically plan and prepare for your Life's Events. Listed below are the typical benefits obtained from working with Life&Wealth® Advisors and LEAP™:

  • Knowing where you are today, your vision of the future, and what is needed to get there.
  • Knowing the peace of mind that you are on the optimum path to reaching your goals.
  • Knowing you have someone to call when a Life Event surfaces that understands the context of your life and has the experience to provide guidance customized to your personal situation.
  • Knowing one who is creative and who can identify opportunities that may not occur to you during the stress of a Life Event.
  • Knowing you work with people who care about you and who are deeply committed to the realization of your Life Goals.
  • Knowing that Life&Wealthᴿ Advisors is your financial advocate whose compensation is fully disclosed.
  • Knowing there is a team dedicated to managing your financial minutia, providing confidence that things are getting done and releasing you from worry and fear.

Long Term Relationship

Once you become a client at Life&Wealth® Advisors, we commit ourselves to having a long-term relationship with you. We believe that the key to a great relationship lies in the establishment and understanding of mutual expectations. The following is not a complete list, but it is a sample of essential promises you can expect from us:

  • To treat you with courtesy and respect.
  • To be your advisor through the Life Event Assessment Process™ and help you plan and prepare for your Life's Events.
  • To act with integrity as a fiduciary in our relationship.
  • To improve the Life Event Assessment Process™ and the Life&Wealth® Team through education, technology, and any other tools or wisdom we discover.
  • To maintain the confidentiality and security of your information.
  • To take responsibility for our actions.

Just as we have identified what our commitment is to you, it is important that you understand what your commitment is to us. We believe in creating a working, dynamic relationship with our clients. It truly is a two-way street. Part of what makes the Life Event Assessment Process™ so successful is that it directly involves the client with the work. We seek to assist and empower each client with the knowledge of how to best manage their financial objectives and Life's Events. The client's understanding of how to implement their Life&Wealth® strategy is just as important as the strategy itself. We find that - at the end of the journey - clients derive a greater satisfaction and sense of personal accomplishment from actually having participated in Life Event Assessment Process™ rather than just having observed the process. We are confident that you, too, will find this awareness to be a truly powerful force helping you to reach your goals.

In order to solidify the most beneficial relationship, we expect the following commitments (among others) from our clients:

  • To stay engaged in the Life Event Assessment Process™ for the duration of our relationship.
  • To be open and to communicate freely.
  • To dedicate yourself to the process of increasing the integrity between your goals and your actions.
  • To complete designated action steps by the agreed upon deadlines.
  • To accept responsibility for your life and actions.