Gary P. Gardner has been helping independent business owners and professionals get more from their work and life for over 30 years. We love the challenge of guiding you through life's challenges.



Our Expertise

The "independent" lifestyle
There likely is no dividing wall between your personal life and your professional life. We get that. We help you get the most from both.

Life transitions
Gary is a Certified Financial Transitionist® helping you prepare for and guiding you through life events.


Our Approach

It’s personal, not just business
Our clients are not just business relations. They are our friends. Ask any of them. 

Meaning, not just money
It’s not just how much you have. It’s what you get out of what you have. We find ways to help you get the most from what you have. 


Our Service

Total “concierge” service
Think of having a Four Seasons or Lexus Experience of financial planning.

Until you experience us, you will not understand.
People stick with us year after year after year because we stick with them.



Our Client Experience

Of course, the best evidence of how we work is what our clients have to say about us. And we have many great clients who are enthusiastic fans. 

Let us know if you wish to speak with one of our amazing clients and/or we can share how our process and wisdom has changed their lives.



Our Ethics

As a professional we are about personal things, we never take our eye off your privacy, security, or legal compliance. We are a fiduciary ALWAYS putting your best interests first.