Clients often seek out financial planners because they want to plan for a major Life Event, such as retirement. Once that process is completed, Life&Wealth® management can be vital to a life well lived. We want to continue working with you, both planning for your expected Life's Events further down the river and preparing you for those life-changing obstacles over which you have less control or appear unforeseen..

The Life Event Prioritizer™ is a valuable tool designed to help make the distinction between planning and preparing for Life's Events. It helps the client to determine each event's importance within the context of their own lives in terms of timing, impact, and repercussions. Once this has been established, it also assists us in identifying the priority and timeline of work needing to be completed. Since each client's journey is shaped differently, Life&Wealth® Advisors can easily modify the Life Event Assessment Process™ and Life Event Prioritizer™ to suit you and your needs.

Below is just a sample of the wide range of events we have helped clients manage over the years:

  • Retirement
  • Transfer of Estate Assets
  • Education of Children
  • Receipt of an Inheritance
  • Sale of a Business
  • Marriage
  • Parental Care
  • Change of Life Goals
  • Change of Career
  • Purchase of a Home
  • Serious Illness
  • Child's Wedding


A smooth river would require that we only conduct one LEAP™ cycle for each Life Event. But we all know that most life journeys are indeed not smooth. It is important to keep in mind that almost no event in your life is unconnected. Your Life's Events can form a complicated web of dependencies and impacts on one another, so integration of the different Life Event Assessment Processes™ is almost always certain. The vastness of human experience grants us unlimited possible combinations of how Life's Events can affect each other, and thus impact the client. We have designed our Life&Wealth® Advisory process specifically to account for these possibilities, and as a result are able to help secure a smoother river on which you can pursue your dreams.