You're not just like everybody else

You took the road less traveled.

And you've gone miles down that road!


So where do you want to go from here?

We’re not for everybody...we're for you!

We are the business/life advisory for successful independents. 

You’ve put more in. 
We want to help you get more out. 

Who is Life&Wealth® Advisors?

We help independent professionals and family business leaders get the most from their
businesses and lives.

For them and for those they love.

You have plans for your life.

But life gets in the way of getting started on them.

That's what we help you overcome.

Getting started really can be this simple…


A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step

– Lao Tzu


In just one hour, we will work with you to take one big step towards living the life you have worked hard to achieve. You get a no-obligation one-page plan that identifies your key issues, obstacles, and your next steps.

The One PlanTM

Helps you see how your business/ profession is delivering compared with your needs or expectations framed around the four “D’s” of business transitions.
Gives you a clear, honest assessment of how prepared you are to retire, helpful charts to see how you are doing compared with your needs or expectations, and potential next steps.
Gives you a clear framework for a smart estate plan with helpful charts to see how you are doing compared with your own needs or expectations, and potential next steps.

How The One PlanTM works

What You Do

  1. Select the plan you need
  2. Submit your intro profile
  3. Schedule a free consult time convenient for you
  4. Have a free 1-hour no-obligation One PlanTM session with Gary

What You Get

  1. Free no-obligation 1-hour consultation with a proven expert 
  2. Identify obstacles preventing you from reaching your goal
  3. Identify actions items for you to take to reach your goal
  4. Further directions and resources suggested by Gary
  5. Opportunity to implement next steps with Gary if you choose

Ready to take your first step? 

(Don’t let procrastination win again!) 

Click here to get your One PlanTM sent to you and  to schedule your one-hour session with Gary Gardner