About Us

About Us

What is the true value of your wealth?

President Gary P. Gardner's life-long commitment to helping people transform and understand their relationship with money is the force that created and continues to sustain Life&Wealth Advisors® since its founding in 2005.

Each day at Life&Wealth Advisors® we incorporate that commitment into our work as we provide you with both a thorough exploration of opportunities and expert strategic financial planning from our perspective.

Our philosophy transcends the traditional notion of "financial planning." We focus on establishing a comprehensive framework of personal pursuits and core values into which we incorporate your financial objectives. In that process, we assess where you stand today and where you are headed. And most importantly, we monitor your progress toward your goals.

Applying our Life Event Assessment Process™, we help you build a confident and positive relationship with money — one that brings joy into your life. Imagine redefining your attitude towards money so that stress, uncertainty and fear are replaced with a sense of mastery! With a flexible yet secure relationship with money, you can move through Life's Events with peace of mind.

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